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Employment Opportunities Skywalker Window Cleaning

Skywalker Window Cleaning is a growth-minded company that values your skills and positive attitude.  Skywalker is  a company that will invest in training you to deliver the very best customer service.  Skywalker is a Company that will treat you well and compensate you fairly.

We are currently accepting applications for the positions listed below.  Please click on a job title for an overview of the type of work involved in each job category:

Window Cleaning Technician Ground

Window Cleaning Technician Ladder

Window Cleaning Technician Air

Sales / Account Representative 

Skywalker employes people in a variety of positions and capacities - from hourly workers to salaried management.  Our corporate and adminstrative offices are located in the Michigan Building in Downtown Detroit.

Skywalker is and Equal Opportunity Employer and a responsible corporate citizen. We believe it is important to provide employment for local citizens.  A high percentage of our current staff resides in the city and many are supporting families.

How to apply with Skywalker Window Cleaning

Does skywalker sound like the kind of company for where you would like to work?  If so, Please review our Employment Opportunities and submit or online application form.

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